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Executive HealthSearch achieves consistent results by offering a progressive set of services:

Organizational analysis.  Executive HealthSearch interviews an organization’s key individuals to develop a comprehensive understanding of its mission, operations, marketplace, culture and outlook.  We seek a keen insight into the organization’s requirements for business success.

Position specifications.  What are the position responsibilities, objectives and qualifications for successful candidates?  Executive HealthSearch develops detailed position specifications and criteria for each opportunity.

Vigorous research.  Executive HealthSearch marshals a broad set of information—search criteria, position responsibilities, prerequisite qualifications—and matches it against its extensive network of candidates.

Candidate selection.  Narrowing down the candidate pool requires exhaustive interviewing on the part of Executive HealthSearch. We have a three tier screening process which starts with the initial Recruiter then the appointed Account Manager who will conduct a further phone screening and if appropriate will forward the candidate to the Search Principal who will then do an in-person interview. We will only then submit a slate of the most qualified candidates.  With an eye on results, we maintain close contact with the client at all times to ensure the most appropriate candidate is selected. 

Candidate presentation.  Executive HealthSearch presents only candidates whose skill sets and qualifications most closely match the requirements for the position.  Presentation is preceded by written and oral reports assessing a candidate’s background.

Contract negotiation and reference checking.  Often the most delicate component of the executive-search process is contract negotiation.  Clients rely on Executive HealthSearch for its lengthy track record of diplomacy and discretion in navigating the crosscurrents regarding  offers, counteroffers, and mutually agreeable terms.  Our extensive experience in health care human resources management enables us to assist clients in designing innovative, highly competitive compensation packages, structuring positions, and determining market pricing.  In addition we check references thoroughly and do a background check, for in every candidate recommendation our firm stakes its fiercely guarded reputation for integrity.

Transition.  Executive HealthSearch remains an integral part of the human resources management process, even after candidate selection and hiring begin.  In hundreds of instances, our counseling and support have smoothed out the transition process to the satisfaction of client and candidate alike.

Beyond these services, we offer optional credentialing services for our clients.  Personalized candidate profiles are also available.  With the aid of in depth occupational personality questionnaires, Executive HealthSearch gauges candidates according to emotional intelligence, management style and behavior, and deftness and adaptability in working as a member of a team.

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Assessment Services

Executive HealthSearch offers services for the identification, assessment and development of talent management based on behavioral job profiling and interviewing. We have developed a unique and proven competency-based approach that improves your chances of picking the right candidates for continued innovation and productivity. 

Our approach delivers a tremendous impact on retention levels of talent and improved business results. Our behavioral selection processes will improve your chances of selecting the best candidate up to five times over traditional methods. We offer integrated services in the following areas: 

We have consulted with a diverse group of companies with the objective of identifying, assessing and developing business required talent to deliver proven business results. 


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Executive Coaching

What is it?

Executive coaching, or in a broader context, leadership coaching, is a rapidly growing and extremely diverse field. It encompasses everything from personalized strategic consulting to something just short of psychotherapy. Individuals or organizations hire coaches for purposes that range from a management perk to a desire to achieve positive change. Perhaps the only unifying feature across these coaching varieties is the one-on-one connection between the leader and their coach.

Our leadership coaching services have a very narrow purpose - we help successful organizational leaders achieve positive, measurable change in their interpersonal behavior. 

How is it done?

Coaching is a simple and very straightforward process that cannot really fail for a motivated individual.

Our executive coaches partners with a company’s management to identify developmental issues related to business/performance challenges.  Then facilitate leadership development at both the individuals’ and organizational levels. Of course, the leadership development process that is used takes into account that leadership requirements depend upon the organization’s strategic objectives and the specific demands of individual roles. This process provides an effective way to identify and develop the practices and behaviors each member needs to exhibit.