Ken Kruger

Over a career spanning 25 years, Kenneth Kruger has seen the health care industry experience seismic change.  Modern medicine races ahead with new cures.  Hospital administration evolves to meet fluctuating trends in the marketplace.  Pharmacy plans take shape, and then reshape, according to the shifting relationships among patients, physicians, pharmaceutical firms and scientific discovery.

But what remains unchanged over time, according to Ken, is the need of health care organizations to hire and retain exceptionally skilled, talented, results-driven senior executives.  An expansive roster of clients rely on Kenís hard-earned reputation as a consensus builder and visionary strategic planner.  They also call upon Ken for his record of achievement as a skillful negotiator and creative problem solver.  In turn, clients reap benefits far beyond Kenís network of impressive candidates.  What clients prize most of all is Kenís seasoned counselóand that of his top-notch staffóon creating and implementing comprehensive human-resources management strategies.

Kenís consulting experience includes developing recruitment programs, retention incentives, process improvement, organizational redesign, labor relations, compensation and benefits administration.  Previously, he served as vice president for human resources and labor relations at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City.

Highly respected by peers, Ken has held trusteeships in several Taft-Hartley funds and leadership positions in a wide range of professional associations, including as past president of the American Society of Healthcare Human Resources Administration.  He holds a Master of Science in industrial and labor relations from the New York Institute of Technology and a Master of Business Administration in health services administration from Wagner College.

Ken has delivered lectures on human resources and labor relations management at prestigious seminars across the country and has written and published extensively on trends in the field. 


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